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Guidelines For ARTS-Dance Education Grant Program

(Revision F - July 20, 2021)


A grant program, funded by ARTS-Dance (ARTS), to encourage various dance associations and organizations to conduct Educational Seminars which would inform and educate their members and attendees about various topics related to the activity and help promote ARTS-Dance. In addition to the other topics, the seminars MUST also cover who and what ARTS is, its purposes, goals, and accomplishments

 Who would be eligible:

Any square, round, contra, clogging, or folk dance organization willing to present a program which includes explaining ARTS and its function in the dance community.

 Review Committee:

The officers of ARTS-Dance will review the applications and determine whether they qualify for an education grant.


The associations, organizations, or dance promoters can apply for an educational grant for up to $200.00 (or up to 50% of the costs, whichever is less) to cover the costs to present a seminar which includes a session explaining ARTS, its history, accomplishments, and current and future programs. This session can be a method to introduce ARTS to the dancing community who are not aware of ARTS, and further familiarize others with ARTS accomplishments and programs. A sign-in list of attendees must be circulated at the session, and if 10 or more attend, the session would qualify for a grant. If there are less than 10 attendees, the organization would not qualify for funds. Any consideration would be subject to availability of funds.

An organization shall be eligible for this Grant provided it has not received an ARTS Grant for a period of at least three years prior to the date of the proposed qualifying Seminar/Event.

 What can the money be used for:

1) Convention center or meeting room costs

2) Presenter or leader expenses and costs

3) Promotion or advertising of session

4) General promotion of ARTS

 How to apply for the grant:

The leaders must complete the Educational Grant Form, which can be obtained from any ARTS officer or can be printed from the ARTS-Dance web site: www.arts-dance.org. The application must be submitted to the ARTS Executive Director at: 4461 Stack Blvd, Apt D-231, Melbourne, FL, 32901, or

Email: ExecutiveDirector@arts-dance.org and must be received at least 60 days prior to the event. An estimate of expenses must be completed on the application. After review, ARTS will notify the applicant if they qualify for the grant."


After the Educational Seminar is completed, a final Completion Report must be submitted to the ARTS Executive Director within 60 days showing actual costs associated with the session along with a copy of the list of attendees. A brief outline of the topics covered in the session should be included. Please list the name of the organization to whom the payment is to be made along with the appropriate mailing address. Any consideration would be subject to availability of funds.

Application Form:

ARTS Education Grant Guidelines And Application (REV F - 07-20-2021)

ARTS Education Grant Completion Rprt  (REV F - 07-20-2021) 3

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