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Live Lively - Square Dance

ARTS-Dance an IRS 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit/Charitable Foundation





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Governing Board

All Join Hands Foundation, Ltd

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs – (IAGSDC)

National Square Dance Campers Association- (NSDCA)

National Executive Committee of the National Square Dance Convention - (NEC)

Single Square Dancers USA - (SSDUSA)

The International Association of Round Dance Teachers – (ROUNDALAB)

The International Association of Square Dance Callers – (CALLERLAB)

The International Organization of Contra Dance Leaders - (CONTRALAB)

United Square Dancers of America – (USDA)

usaWest Square Dance Convention Policy Board – (usaWest)


Auxiliary Board

U.S. Handicapable Square Dance Association

Lloyd Shaw Foundation

Kentucky Dance Foundation

National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers

Square Dance Foundation of New England


Associate Members

California Square Dance Council, Inc

Missouri Federation of Square N' Round Dance Club, Inc

Square Dance Association of San Diego County, Inc

54th National Square Dance Convention, Portland, Oregon

55th National Square Dance Convention, San Antonio, Texas

56th National Square Dance Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina

57th Nationa square Dance Convention, Wichita, Kansas


Individual Members


Supporting Members