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CONTRALAB, The International Association of Contra Callers


Contra Dancing 101 - A Guide to Teaching Contra Dancing

Contra Dance 101 is a comprehensive manual for square dance callers to introduce Contra dancing to their classes, square dance clubs, or community dance programs. It introduces the basic definitions, movements, figures, dance formations, contra music, contra calling principles, and background and history.

For more information or to order Contra 101 contact: Dottie Welch - dwelch@eastlink.ca

The workbook/manual includes:

A brief history of Contra dancing.

Written instructions for teaching the basic dance movements, broken down into six easy lessons that can be further broken down into additional sessions.

The text is supplemented with diagrams illustrating dance formations, dancer positions, and dance progressions.

Detailed descriptions for 20 contra dances.

A CD with appropriate dance music.

Teaching and calling aids.

References and resources for locating additional material and music.