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Live Lively - Square Dance

ARTS-Dance an IRS 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit/Charitable Foundation






Fund Raiser Program

To get organizations holding Festivals and Conventions to voluntarily add and collect a small additional amount, where the dancers agree to do so, for donation to the ARTS Dance Foundation

This kit provides you with instructions, resources, examples of wording, materials for advertising, remittance instructions and gratitude.

Especially Festivals and Conventions, any dance events that are willing to “Add-A-Buck”.

Success assumptions:
There will be an assumption that this will only work where organizers are aware and support the ARTS-Dance Foundation, its work, and plans. While the kits will include a brief overview of the ARTS Dance Foundation, it will be important to realize that the ARTS Dance Foundation needs much more exposure.

Brochures, annual reports and other information explaining the ARTS mission, goals and accomplishments are available upon request or can be printed from the ARTS website at www.ARTS-Dance.org

The Add A Buck Kit is Available in Adobe and MS Word formats

Thanks for your Support -- ARTS-Dance Foundation